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We collaborate with schools, school districts, or transportation companies to understand their specific needs and requirements to provide valuable solutions for improving the efficiency, safety, and reliability of school bus transportation, benefiting both schools and parents alike.


GPS Software and Hardware Installation for School Buses

Installation of GPS tracking devices and associated software on school buses to monitor real-time location, speed, and other relevant data.



  • Improved safety by monitoring bus speeds and routes

  • Enhanced fleet management capabilities

  • Real-time tracking for parents and school administrators

  • Data-driven insights for optimizing bus routes and schedules

Image by Maël BALLAND

GPS Bus Monitoring Services

Continuous monitoring of school buses using GPS technology to track their movements, stops, and routes.



  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of buses

  • Alerts for unauthorized stops or deviations from planned routes

  • Historical data analysis to identify patterns and areas for improvement

  • Enhanced safety measures through better visibility and control

Image by Linda Söndergaard

Routing and Transportation Optimization

Comprehensive studies to analyze and optimize bus routes, schedules, and transportation logistics.



  • Cost-effective routing to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs

  • Improved on-time performance and reliability

  • Reduced travel time and increased efficiency

  • Environmental benefits through reduced emissions and fuel usage

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